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316 Entries
Sheila Email

It is the first time I visit this fanpage.
Having read hundreds of messages left by fans from different places on this planet, I cannot help myself crying again.
It has been almost one year since the heart-breaking news hit us all. I still remember that afternoon in London, I heard the news one minute before I was about to go out, then I sat down to the bed and burst into tears and cancelled my schedule.
I only knew the role Mr. Rickman played in HP series at that time and I really love that role.
Later I watched his movie Eye in the Sky in Barbican cinema and other movies e.g. Close My Eyes, Mesmer, Closet Land, Snowcake etc.
He is really a man with great talent and magic. I feel so lucky to get to know him via his works. Admittedly, I have regrets that I did not know him a bit earlier.  
He makes the characters he ever played alive. By the way, I love the character Mr. Sinclair he played in Close My Eyes most.

It is really appreciated that he would not to talk about the character Professor Snape that he did not want to spoil the interest and fun of younger generation who has not finished the whole series of HP books.

Long live this fanpage.
Rest in peace, dear Alan Rickman.

I will miss you all the time.



10 Days later, I am still in shock and still cannot believe he is really gone. While crying a lot those last days, I wrote a song expressing my sadness and pain...

My new song - A tribute to Alan Rickman whom I loved so much!

Please share!

Andrea Arcos Email

My world stood still for a long time. Such a shame. I wish I could find a man like him. May he rest in peace.

Sorry, this is a private entry which is only viewable by the owner.

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House Elfie 


'Bit soggy...

House Elfie 

What is your location? "Off-topic discussion party for AR fans"


I   thought  the  word  "belief"  was   just  another  word  for  "guess".
As  in:
My  guess  is  as  good  as  yours.

House Elfie 

~ 4,000,000,000 B.C.  -- present:  Earth experiences illness and death. That is all.  D C

House Elfie 

What is your location? state of "news shock"


Need a laugh?  try the "You Tube" video that is a compilation of dancing cats... example:  just imagine a cat with a machine-type-gun,  firing and  gleefully shouting, "HEE-HAW"! not in violence,  but as though celebrating something good,  like the end of a war...

House Elffie 

Please see "shunning" on Wikipedia.

Sorry, this is a private entry which is only viewable by the owner.

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What is your location? south korea

What is the URL of your HomePage? (include "http://")


안녕하세요 한국의 팬입니다
이런 좋은 팬페이지가 있다는 것을 알게되어 기쁘고, 여기서 많은 자료들을 다운받을 수 있어서 좋습니다.
알란 린맨의 무운을 기원합니다.

Hi, I'm fan of south korea. I can't use English well....OTL ㅠㅠ
I'm very happy to know this fanpage.
Always, Alan rickman is very healty


What is your location? Massachusetts

Hi all,
I havent been here in quite a few months.
I wanted everyone to know about the fantastic book by Lisa See called Snowflwer and the Secret Fan that is being made into a movie and being released Juky 15th 2011.
The book was excellent and shows the lives of 19th century women in China. A wonderful book and hopefully, the movie will be just as good.

I also read the book Peony In love by Lisa see but it was so sad. Good, but sad.

She has also written Shanghai girls and her new one continues with Dreams of Joy.

Anyway, I know this is WAY offr topic, but know the women on this site enjoy good books and movies.

Happy Summer everyone

Ali-Pat Email

Sorry not to respond to any of you who have posted here recently--I rarely check this page.  All of the Alan-related discussions go on next door at the Guestbook and you will find lots of info about the Abbey production of John Gabriel Borkman as well as the upcoming BAM production.  This page is mainly for off-topic discussions, that is, things that don't relate directly to Alan Rickman or his many projects.

Hope to see you all on the Guestbook!

Sarah-Beth Email

What is your location? PA

So I am going to the BAM Harvey theater to see Alan you think he would sign something for me?

Sorry, this is a private entry which is only viewable by the owner.

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What is your location? California


Thank you so much for this site! Glad to know I'm not the only oddly obsessed with Alan Rickman one! it makes me happpy

Евгения Email

What is your location? Vologda. Russia

Thank You  for  this site!!!!  I've been here  3 оr 4 or...  years. Thanks for the work to our joy. Is it Paradise in the enternet, isn't?
I'm sorry  for my english .
                 Good luck!!!

leana Email

What is your location? france

hi there!

I just discovered this page and was happy to notice that I'm not the only one to get to see AR in person in Dublin. I am french, 48 , and a fan since I discovered Alan as Prof.Snape in the series. I am a fan of the H Potter books in the 1st place. Yes, at my age !
And I really enjoyed the movies , flawed as they were sometimes (mostly the last one I think)
I just came back from Florida and had a blast at the Wizarding World of H Potter in Islands of adventures, Orlando.
But: NO SNAPE there! So I wore a Tshirt I made (I like to make stuff..) asking for more Snape in the Wizarding World, gaining the agreement of a lot of people of the staff
Anyway, just when I came back last week, I read that M Rickman will actually go back on the stage! And in europe! So I booked my tickets for the Abbey theatre and will discover Ireland (well, Dublin as I only stay the week-end..)
I'm quite excited as I booked for the show with the talk after (I hope AR will actually stay and have a chat with us!)
I am surprised to read in your advices about autographs that AR still sign Snape photos? I remember a video on Utube where he turned down people giving him a Snape pic: He distinctively said 'I don't sign Potter '...
Are you sure? Because it would be my dream to have a Snape pic signed but I don't want to get him angry or something...I'm really hesitating here...
Someone has recently try ?
Long live your page!


What is your location? Boise, ID

What is the URL of your HomePage? (include "http://") idon'tremember


OK, boy some of you ladies sure do have the hots for Alan!  I could not stop laughing, I had tears running down my face!! LOL!  And to think I thougt I was going crazy!  HAHAHA!  I know, he is very handsome, and I love his voice!  Hmmm, I wonder if Alan ever reads the chats on this site?  My daughter, who is only 5, has a crush on him too, LOL!  Shame on you Alan, shame!! HAHAHA, LOL!  It is really cute though, how she likes him.  I was hoping she would not start liking boys until she was 25 or so, LOL!  Yeaaah, right!!  I love his acting in his movies as well, he is very realistic!  Anyway, I got to go now to bed before I end up not wanting to get up in the morning to take my kid to pre-school.  Talk to you all later!  Sweet dreams!


Hello, ladies!!  It is nice to see some discussion here.  However, this page is mainly for off topic posts (that is, discussions among AR fans that have nothing at all do to with AR or his films).  We would love to see you join us on the Guestbook page!

In answer to the question about an Alan Rickman Fan Club--there is no official fan club.  If you would like an autographed photo of Alan you can usually get one by sending a request with a return envelope (postage helps) to his British agent:

Alan Rickman
C/O Duncan Heath
Oxford House 76 Oxford St.
London W1D 1BS

...or his American agent:

Judy Hofflund
Hofflund/Polone Agency
9465 Wilshire Blvd. #820
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

The photo you will receive is the same one you see on the main Guestbook page--the smoldering Alan in a black winter coat.  He will autograph a Snape photo if you send it to his agent or if you present him with one in person.  He will not autograph it "Snape" (he might have once but it was a special circumstance).

Of course, the nicest way to get Alan's autograph is in person.  If you are able to make it to Brooklyn Academy of Music this April during the run of the play he is directing, you might get a chance to do that.

Good luck!  Look forward to seeing you over at the Download Haven Guestbook!


What is your location? rainy Netherlands

Hi Rose Marie,

Thanks for you reply. It is not strange to like an actor. Well, maybe it is for me. I am nearly 50 and I became a fan because of Harry Potter (about 8 years ago), but the funny thing is, that I don't watch movies very much. I have seen some movies in which Alan plays, but defenitely not all of them. But when I met him (and what I read about him) he made a very good impression on me. I think it to be very important that someone is kind and thoughtful to others and I think he is. I would like to meet him again some day, but then along with Rima and have a nice chat with them.
I have to say that the Texas thing with AR is not my favourite, but I have a different taste of music (classical music and celtic music are some of them). I like the music of Truly Madly Deeply. And of course, Harry Potter.

Rose Marie 

Miriam, Thank you for replying.

Its nice to hear of people meeting him, and seeing Mr. Rickman as himself in person. So thanks for the description. Its so fortunate that you were able to meet him! Congrats. It might be silly that everyone is so interested in actors and other people of the media, but Mr. Rickman is such a good actor-and not a fake- that he cant help but be interesting.
I love music also! When I watched In Demand by Texas my jaw dropped at the lead singers dance partner. lol. But now I listen to more of Texas's music, its pretty good.

Sylina Email

What is your location? New Zealand


I love Alan and I was wondering does anyone now were his official FanClub is so I can buy a autographed photo of Alan as Severus.

Miriam Email

What is your location? the Netherlands

Hi Rose Marie,

Yes, it is a nice site, I agree with you. To answer your question....
On December 13th 2004 I met mr Rickman in London. It was after a beautiful concert where he and some of his collegues did some readings as well. I asked (I hardly said a word, though) his autograph and I was the last one in line. He didn't have a pen with him, nor did I, but Alan was so kind to borrow one from a gentleman who was standing near us (and the gentelman was kind, too of course). He signed my book, handed it back and said... there you are. And I thanked him and he walked away. Later I saw him again downstairs where he spoke to a nice group of Italian fans (they were very nice). I discovered I had forgotten to give him something and later I could give the bag to him and I was very pleased to notice that he was genuinely surprised to get something and he smiled at me and thanked me twice. I treasure that moment. He appears to be a very kind and humble person. I was really happy to be able to meet him. It was a beautiful evening. The music was beautiful, too (I am a music lover).

Rose Marie 

What is your location? U.S.A


Wow, interesting web site. lol. I have got to know, is there any one out there who has met Alan Rickman? and can they recall the experience in pain staking detail? I would love to hear all about it! even the shortest of meetings.....


What is your location? USA

Just wanted to say I think this page is lovely and amazing. Thanks ever so much!


What is your location? Massachusetts USA

Hi all!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN.................

I posted on the main page about a Harry Potter exhibit that is now in the Science Museum in Boston Ma. and wondered if anyone close by got a chance to see it and how it was...
I plan on going after our church fair is over the second week of November. Will let you know how it was and if they have Profe3ssor Snape anywhere..imagine???
Guess no one on the main board was interested as there was no response.maybe it was too off topic.
anyway, glad to see you all again and enjoy Halloween. We usually take our table/chairs and set up on the front lawn and pass out candy to the little (and sometimes big) kids that come from 6-8 PM. we then turn off the lights. I saw on the weather it is supposed to be a warm 70 should be a fun night...
have a nice weekend and take care, Pam

Maria Maldonado 

What is your location? Bogota, Colombia.

I just wanted to thank you guys for putting this fab page together.  I've been an AR fan since I saw him in Sense and Sensibility, I don't know how much I yelled at Kate Winslet's character to match the good looking Colonel with the gorgeous voice.  I also think he is an outstanding actor who makes his characters so believable, well I could not point at any other person who could get away with interpreting  such a complex character as Severs Snape and it is striking how he manages to make magic and enchantments seem so real!!!!  He is just awesome.  And you guys are amazing for paying him this so much deserved tribute, THX a lot!!!!!

Julia Email

What is your location? Moscow, Russia

Hello, everyone!

I just want to thank the wonderful people who've created this Internet site. It's such a pleasure to see the pics, to read the information and to download the files! I must say I'm just entering the AR's world, but I really enjoy it. Thanks to everyone! Julia. :-)


What is your location? Los Angeles

Hello to's been awhile since I've commented on these sites but I'm still around.  Real life has just been too hectic and I've missed all of you guys. 

I have a real off-topic question that maybe some of you could help me with:

I'm considering buying my son a Wii console for his birthday (July 23rd).  I've been checking around online and have a few questions. 

1) Most of the basic consoles come with 1 remote and 1 "nunchuck".  I'm assuming that if you want more than one player that each must have a remote - right?  What is the nunchuck used for?  Is this used only for some games?  If I get an additional remote, should I buy an additional nunchuck also?

2) I see ads for "remote chargers".  Does the basic console provide you with a way to recharge the remotes?  Is it better to have the docking station for recharging them?

3)  Is overheating a problem with these consoles?  I see some ads for a "cooling station".  What's up with that?

4)  Are there any accessories that you feel are "must-have's"?

5)  Are there any games out there that you especially like or recommend?

Sorry for all the questions.  These things are a lot of money and then they hit you with all the extras.  I can already hear "cha-ching, cha-ching" in my head. 

Any advice is appreciated.  Now if we can only get someone to create an "evening with Alan" game *wink*.  They'd probably make a fortune!


What is your location? Massachusetts USA

HAPPY 4th of JULY to all our American friends and to everyone out here in AR land!!
Just got back from a stay in Idaho out West. What beautiful country. Saw some pretty amazing sights such as Balanced Rock-the rocks are massive and must stand about 100 feet tall. You are totally surrounded on both sides as you enter the state park by these giants.
I havent been out there in 9 years and was excited to see my family (especially my mom) in person again. It was really fun and we ended it by going to the National Oldtime Fiddlers Week in Idaho.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you guys and catching up on the front page with all the AR things-have a nice evening/day..Take care,


What is your location? Massachusetts USA

Hi everyone! Hope all is well  as we glide into the summer season.
If anyone out here is a Star Trek fan, please go and see the new movie! It is fantastic with even a small cameo appearance by Leonard Nimoy. The special effects are terrific and has a twist to the story line. (dont want to give the plot away) Anyway,  all you trekkies that I know are here, dont miss this film-I know you will love it. The funny thing is I watched Galaxy Quest a few nights before I saw this and it really made it even better for me. Alan was so good in GQ wasnt he and the deleted scenes were fun to see..
Take care all. Will try to get back again soon..Pam



20 children in the United States have commited suicide due to cyberbullying

How have you helped your child deal successfully with criticism, which often seems to be the root of conflict


Sometimes how others successfully handle a problem can give us different choices we may not even think of.

Example: Statistics -- it takes from six months to two years to recover from the loss of a loved one or  a loss leading to great pain.

I remember a movie in which a teenage girl complained to her grieving friend, who lost her mother, to "get over it! she died three months ago!"

Those statistics helped me for years and I'm speaking from experience: within a year we lost three family members and a good neighbor. But at least I won't be hurt by someone's annoyance over my grief. It's a normal amount of time...I like to talk about people who have died, even the cats/kittens we lost. I remember the joy we shared together. Hope I've helped someone, it can really work!  


Thank you for sharing that, Alfan.  I think men go through their grief in a different way than women do and it is no surprise to me that Liam Neeson would want to throw himself back into his work.  None of us know what he is going through on the inside, do we?



Thanks for telling your story, Alfan, and yes, I agree wholeheartily to your suggestion to go back to normal life asap


What is your location? Canada

When i first heard of Natasha's injury and subsequent death, i had a cry and Keith came in and asked what the problem was so i told him about her and how hard it must  be for Liam and the family to do that. Then Keith said to me that we do know how hard it is,,,,,you see, Keiths dad had a fall two years ago , hit his head and died from his injury. We were all called and they kept him alive on life support just so we could all get there in time to make the decision to let him die, we all gathered around the bed holding hands and Keiths mom who held on to her husbands hand and the youngest holding his other hand called in the nurse and told her it was time. The nurse shut off the machine and about 5 minutes later he died,,,,,,,,,so i do know what it is like and i can imagine what Liam, Vanessa and the rest of the family felt. It was so hard, just to look at Keiths mom who said she just lost the love of her life and her best friend but in the end we know it was the right decision, His organs were harvested and probably saved a life or two,,,,,,,,so what am i getting at, Keith and i returned to work right after the funeral, why, well because the support system we had at work helped us both through our grief, sure i cried a few times but i laughed alote too with my friends and i needed that.....So Liam, you do whatever it takes to make you feel like thats what Natasha wanted because i know Wes ( Keiths dad) would kick our butts if he knew we were moping around. I think we should ignore negative comments about the situation and not even respond back to any one who suggests otherwise. You girls are the best.


What is your location? Almelo

Hi Pam,

Thanks for your kind words. You made my day. I did have a wonderful day. Only a pity Alan and Rima couldn't attend for they were on the Isle of Wight. Oh well, maybe next year when I will turn 50. LOL. But again, thanks. 


What is your location? USA

in case you get over before the main page, again I wish you a very Happy Birthday. Love reading all your posts. Take care and have a lovely weekend.

Miriam Heijdemann Email

What is your location? the Netherlands

Now we are speaking of certain roles for Alan..... I still hope to see him one day as Ebenezer Scrooge in "a Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. It will be wonderful for his talents to do such a role. Patrick Stewart did a wonderful job, but I would love to see Alan do this part as well. How about that?   
Oh well, just a though!!!!!







This is the Carroll photo of his friend Reginald Southey.

Can we make Alan up to portray this character, also perhaps as the storyteller and narrator for the Lewis Carroll bio?

Depp as Carroll.  Alan as Southey.  Do research on the life of Southey and incorporate it into a biographic account of Carroll?


Edited to add to previous post:

I love the reference to photography (in this Lewis Carroll biography) as a "dark art."  It blends Reginald Southey's amateur photographic talent so perfectly with dressing Alan as Southey's character (Snape-esque).  Lol!

Even if the film focuses on Lewis Carroll's life as seen through the eyes of Reginald Southey, this could work on many levels.

Just playing and having some fun.


This is likely the best forum on this site for (the casting and film) ideas I enjoy creating for fun -- in hopes of "anyone who is anyone" seeing these posts and gleaning some great ideas for new film concepts.

Any of Alan's directors (with biographical re-creation capability) may think about a biographical account of the life and times of Lewis Carroll.

I'm presently reading "Dreaming in Pictures" which is a compilation of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson's amazing photography.  What many are not aware of is Lewis Carroll's photography is as noteworthy as his literary talent.

I think Alan would be great in the role of Reginald Southey, one of Lewis Carroll's best friends who also introduced him to the art of photography.  Alan can be made up to look like Reginald Southey (very similar to Severus Snape).  IMO a great casting idea.  The book "Dreaming in Pictures" shows a photo of him.

There may be enough interesting material to do a biographical account of Lewis Carroll's life.  Johnny Depp, who resembles Carroll in real time, would be wonderful in the starring role.  Alan could be cast as Reginald.

I'm going to quote an excerpt from the book "Dreaming in Pictures" that describes a photograph Carroll took of "Reginald Southey and Skeletons":

"Plate 40:  Reginald Southey and Skeletons --

Reginald Southey studied science and anatomy at Christ Chruch and went on to become an eminent surgeon at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London.  A proficient amateur photographer, he taught Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) the rudiments of the "black art."  Here he poses with specimens from the Christ Church Anatomical Museum in a literal illustration of comparative anatomy.  Dodgson showed the photograph to Tennyson, who remarked that the young monkey's skull was quite human in shape -- this, two years before Charles Darwin's publication of "The Origin of Species."  In one of his albums Dodgson appended to the image lines from Tennyson's poem "The Vision of Sin":

"You are bones, and what of that?
Every face, however full,
Padded round with flesh and fat,
Is but modell'd on a skull."

I believe there is much good material for doing a Victorian England period film on Lewis Carroll, Alan in the role of Southey, the photographer/physician, who actually resembles Snape.

Research can be done and a great script can be put together.

I've been thinking a lot about Lewis Carroll lately and reading up on his life since Burton's upcoming film "Alice in Wonderland" is featuring "Our Love" as the caterpillar.

If done well, a biography on Caroll's life could include loads of interesting material, a great story, and intriguing characters, including Darwin and Tennyson.

Just dreaming and creating.


What is your location? Rain-swept Los Angeles

I just need a good --

Thanks, I needed that.

*All this talk of him in Snow Cake (wasn't he gorgeous??) has made me squee.  Lol!*


What is your location? Canada


Thanks not sure sometimes what to discuss either place, and of course you may move it back.


Alfan, your Snow Cake observations fit in perfectly with the discussion going on at the main board--no need to isolate them!  May I move it to the main board?

Just a quick reminder--Claudia created the Discussion Party is for extended squeeing and OT postings. 


What is your location? Canada


In regards to your comment on the  other page, i too loved Snow Cake and think it is one of his best. But i think he said it was a stupid idea because of the reaction of Maggie when he suggests that he found a nice place.
When he mentions that he found a nice place she looks away and doesnt comment showing him that she isnt interested in him staying. After he realizes that she isnt interested he says " no, that would be stupid" and she says " told you i was selfish"

She was only in it for the sex too, they both were but if she reacted diffently to the comment he found a place then i think he would of thought more of it, he wanted to see her reaction and then he knew for sure she was in it for the sex and not a relationship.

Again, we all have our perspectives, no one is right and no one is wrong but thats the way i saw the scene. He was feeling her out.



Oh, here's where you mean.


Embarrassed blush.
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