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Welcome to the

Alan Rickman Download Haven

Discussion Party

Please settle in and have a chat!  Discussion on any topic
that comes to mind is welcome here.  All that's asked if for everyone to be nice and have lots of fun. 

There is a fantastic group of fans from all over the
world represented here and each person adds to
the fun in their own little way.

Lurking is welcome but we would love for you to
post your comments when you feel comfortable.

The most important thing to keep in mind is......HAVE FUN!

If you have any problems posting,
please don't hesitate to email one of us
Claudia, GA   Sabine, GA  Sue, UK OR Ali-Pat, OH

The WebSiteToolBox Guestbook offers a word processor/email
environment for easy posting. No html knowledge is needed.
Click HERE to learn how to post images and links.
Please be sure to notice the message about hot linking.

For those of you that are hesitant to open a
PhotoBucket account or are shy about using
one you already have, I've opened a guest book
account with
that you are welcome to use.

The Username is: ARDLHGB2
and the password is: rickman


Alan Rickman Download Haven Guest Book
Our group is an intelligent and friendly
group who likes to  discuss the talent
and works of the most fabulous actor
on the planet--Alan Rickman!

Pop over to find (or post) news, pics, and
discussion of Alan Rickman.



All new Live Chat!!!
Click the coffee cup to enter.

You'll need Java software to
use the chat room.

Be sure to allow pop-ups for
the page to fully load.

    Alan Rickman Birthday Card Contest!!!   

For a look at the winning entries, click above!

Alan Rickman Birthday Donations to RADA

Our donations to RADA don't just stop on AR's
birthday.  It grows all year long.  Click on the image
below to view this year's donations
better yet....log your donation!

Fundraising Page Image



Alan Rickman Download Haven Discussion Party

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